Superba factory


SUPERBA S.A.S is the global leader in continuous heat-setting process of BCF carpet yarn (PA6, PA66, PP, PES, PAN) or SPUN and WOOL or blends.

With more than 40 years of experience in the highly specialized field of high quality TUFTED or WOVEN CARPET, SUPERBA is providing advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines, including the TVP3, third generation of heat-setting line with saturated steam under pressure, or the DHS3 with overheated steam, together with the unequalled MF400 texturizing machine and the B401 truly automatic winder, or the B403 with a constant tension winding process.
Steaming and shrinking lines for PAN HB yarns as well as sophisticated Space-dyeing machines complete the range of products.
Of high performance and efficiency, environment friendly and economical, these lines integrate the latest technologies in term of automation, information treatment and remote access.

With their headquarters in France, SUPERBA is member of VANDEWIELE, consisting of several textile machine companies, all trendsetter in their field.

Superba factory old

50 years of innovation to the service of textile industry

Mr. Alfred GLOECKLER founded the SUPERBA GROUP in 1955, together with three colleagues to manufacture domestic knitting machines. In 1958 a turnover of 3 million francs was achieved due to the sale of 10,000 machines and the company decided to invest in standardazing production.

Whilst promoting the sale of knitting machines world-wide, the group built relationships with spinning companies, which gave them an insight into their manufacturing problems. This led to the creation in 1962 of SUPERBA S.A. - the department of Textile Machines.

This activity led to the development of industrial lines, with the emphasis largely on export for such applications as hand knitting, fibre tows and carpet yarn processing, which later expanded to include yarn-testing equipment.