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Mcd3m blocks explanation

MCD3M, is an improved version of our MCD3 space-dyeing machine, a structure scalable on demand that can be set up in the right size for your production requirements. By modular blocks of 2 or 3 modules, customize your MCD3M according to your needs : from 2 to 8 color boxes (+1 optional ground color box).

MCD3M SPACE-DYEING machine can treat until 72 ends of PA, PET, WOOL, PAN yarns and blends for CARPET & RUGS.

Short space


  • Spot length from 20mm
  • Berber effect, knit-de-knit imitation
Long space


  • Extra high spot length up to 150m
  • Almost unlimited cycle length (1000m)
  • Tone-on-tone effect
Bi color exclusive effect

Bi-Color exclusive effect

  • New exclusive technology to print different shades/colors on the same yarn
  • Until 15 colors on the same yarn
Mcd3m bruushless motor


  • Brushless motors, which provide the best performance on the market and a high reliability.
  • Thanks to the modularity of the machine, the cost of production, the energy consumption and waste are controlled.
  • The MCD3M sustainable and eco friendly process allow no waste of dyestuff, a reduced water consumption and high color fastness.

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Superba space dyed thumbnail 1